Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Ohio PTA Awarded Grant to Empower Parents to Read, Interpret and Take Action on Education Data


Contact: V. Robinson

Ohio PTA Awarded Grant to Empower Parents to Read, Interpret and Take Action on Education Data
Columbus, Ohio April 30, 2019—National PTA has awarded Ohio PTA with a two-year grant to educate parents on school report cards and empower them to advocate to ensure this data is accessible, transparent and actionable. Ohio PTA is one of only five state PTAs nationwide selected to receive a grant.

“The Every Student Succeeds Act requires school districts and states to annually release a school report card, which includes important information about school environment, demographics and performance on the state, local and school level. This data, however, doesn’t always speak for itself,” said Jim Accomando, president of National PTA. “We are pleased to provide Ohio PTA with resources to empower parents to read, interpret and take action to turn school report cards into results for their child’s school.”

With the grant, Ohio PTA will host educational events, trainings, and develop, disseminate materials to educate parents on school reports cards to help them read and interpret the reports. Ohio PTA will also empower parents to advocate to ensure education data is accessible and transparent, and how to use education data to demand improvements that lead to school and student success. Additionally, Ohio PTA will bring together parents and state and local policymakers to elevate the issue of data transparency and utilization and facilitate improvements.

Susan Hans, Ohio PTA President stated, “School report cards contain important information for families. With this grant, Ohio PTA will be able to assist parents in understanding and using that data to further student success in their school districts. Helping families advocate for their students is a key part of Ohio PTA’s family engagement plan.”

The grant program is part of National PTA’s new From Report to Results campaign and the association’s mission to ensure that parents and families are meaningfully supported and engaged in their children’s education.

About PTA
PTA® comprises millions of families, students, teachers, administrators and business and community leaders devoted to the educational success of children and the promotion of family engagement in schools. PTA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that prides itself on being a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and a strong advocate for public education. Membership in PTA is open to anyone who wants to be involved and make a difference for the education, health and welfare of children and youth. For more information, visit PTA.org.

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Friday, April 19, 2019


Ohio parents/guardians...we NEED your help!

This survey will close in 2 days. Please fill out this very short survey TODAY. Here is the survey link. SURVEY

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Communications Corner

Communicating Clearly: April Awareness

The end of the school year is quickly approaching, and you are finalizing this year’s PTA activities and membership outreach. Do not forget… make a point (verbal or written) to thank your volunteers. Let them know their hard work is valued.
By now 2019-2020 officers have probably been elected. You are starting to update or prepare procedure books or thumb drives for incoming officers.
 If you attended convention last weekend, check out our Ohio PTA Facebook page for all the pictures I took throughout the convention. Look for your smiling face on our various venues.
Stay in touch with Ohio PTA through our many communication options. https://ohiopta.blogspot.com/2016/08/communications.html

Join the Ohio PTA H.U.B.

This closed group is accessible for PTA members in Ohio to share programs, ideas, and ask questions of Ohio PTA members. The Ohio PTA Help, Understanding, Best Practices (H.U.B) group can be accessed via the Ohio PTA FB page under the group link. Current Ohio PTA H.U.B. members are encouraged to invite their fellow PTA members to join. Group administrators will approve members (based on the response to three (3) questions and/or through invites of existing H.U.B. members) to maintain the integrity of this closed group.

Networking Matters!

Diversity & Inclusion

April- The Month of the Military Child

Did you know the average child of a military parent moves 10 times a year? That is a lot of                  new friends to make and new faces to learn. 

Also, every county in Ohio has military families living in it! 

Celebrate the military families in your school by welcoming them and helping them make your hometown theirs as well!

-Display a large map of the USA as well as of a World map and allow students to mark their previous homes with push pins.

                        -Host a drink drive and collect drink flavor packets to send in care packages.
                        -Invite students to create cards and letters to send to the troops.

-Organize a clean up of local cemeteries, VFW halls, and memorial gardens to give back to those everyday heroes.

-Host a Military Career day and invite members of the military to talk and show off their uniforms and gear to the children.

- Invite “celebrity readers” (military parents) to read their favorite books to students during library time.  It could be live, via Skype, or recorded!

-Bring families together to help and support each other. Your PTA is a relevant resource in your school. Let it show!

Become a Purple Star School and PTA!
From the Ohio Department of Education:

The Purple Star Award for military-friendly schools recognizes schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star recognition to display onsite.
A school will be honored with the Purple Star Award if it completes all the required activities, plus one optional activity, listed below. The Purple Star Advisory Board, formed by the Ohio departments of Education, Higher Education, Veterans Services and the Adjutant General, helps decide a school’s eligibility for the award.

Other Military Resources from the Ohio Department of Education

Fast Facts
      Military youth live in every county in Ohio; they are concentrated in populated centers around the state.

      The majority of youth are associated with the Reserve Component: 34% National Guard & 27% Reserves. The largest portion of active duty service members are in the Air Force in the area surrounding Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

      Ages: 36% are ages 0 to 5, 39% are ages 6 to 12, and 25% are ages 13 to 18 years old.

      The 18 counties with 500 or more account for approximately 2/3 of the military youth population.

Health, Welfare & Safety

     Do you KNOW! what an electronic cigarette and a toothpick have in common? They’re both nicotine products promoted as “helping adults to quit smoking,” yet they’re both haphazardly finding their way into the hands (and mouths) of our youth nationwide.
Yes, a toothpick. Standard toothpicks are now being infused or coated with nicotine, so you can get your nicotine fix in a discrete manner virtually anywhere.

Read the rest-http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Other-Resources/News/Know-The-New-Danger-of-Nicotine-Toothpicks

The State of Ohio has free resources available that can help you Start Talking! to your youth about the risks associated with drugs, including prescription medicines. Simply having regular conversations with your youth is an effective tool to prevent drug use. 
     Two methods -- Parents360 Rx and Know! -- are available to help you understand the risks to your youth and learn simple, effective strategies to act. These strategies also have a component for schools to use so that your messages at home are reinforced. Below are a few ways to get started:

Know! provides parents (or guardians and other caregivers) with twice monthly, free tips by email that contain current facts about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as action steps they can take to help children resist peer pressure to use.
Know! aims to increase parental:
Awareness that every child is at-risk for using substances;
Knowledge about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs;
Conversations with children about the importance of non-use.

Start Talking! Tips for Parents, Guardians and Caregivers
Watch the Parents360 Rx video
Sign up for the Parent Know! tips
Host a Parents360 Rx showing in your community
Have regular conversations with your children
Notify your local school, rotary or house of worship about the resources
available through Start Talking!

Barb Varley, Ohio PTA Director of Health, Welfare and Safety
Source: https://starttalking.ohio.gov/Family