Thursday, January 7, 2016

Membership Trifecta!

Ohio PTA is the oldest child advocacy association in this state. Join us and become a relevant resource for all children, communities, and families.

National PTA is a membership association. People join to support the work you do locally and the work PTAs do collectively to help children, families and schools. We rely on millions of members to contribute their time and skills to schools and communities around the country and overseas. 

The number one reason to join PTA is to benefit your child. Single parents may seek a support network, working parents may want a source of information or a voice, non-English-speaking individuals may look for opportunities to share their culture, and business owners may look for a way to improve their public image. While subscribing to the mission of PTA, members may join to fulfill personal needs. Since PTAs are for everyone, a local unit should support the needs of a wide variety of members—from future parents to senior citizens. When units do this, they provide value to the community and become a relevant group for community members to join. 

When recruiting members, it is helpful to emphasize what people gain by becoming involved. Individuals usually respond positively when they believe an association understands their primary needs and is working to address them. How does your unit provide for the needs of different types of people you hope to attract? How do you communicate your commitment to satisfying the needs of all members? 

There are more advantages to joining PTA, including discovering resources and programs designed for parents, teachers and students, as well as helping to provide effective solutions for positive changes at your child’s school. Members can increase their leadership skills and serve as role models. Everyone – parents, educators, students and other citizens active in their schools and communities – is invited to join our association. 

Every individual who joins PTA helps not only his or her own child but every child. Imagine how strong your community could be if every parent, every community member, and every business leader got involved in PTA! 

If you are interested in finding a PTA in your area, please contact the Ohio PTA Office at 614-781-6344 or email 
or join the Ohio Partnership PTA

Join your local PTA and/or state PTA TODAY! 

The Ohio PTA, a branch of the National PTA, is composed of over 50,000 members, 450 units and 39 councils in 15 districts. The Ohio PTA was organized in May 1901.
The Ohio PTA Board of Directors includes an executive committee, directors, district advisors and immediate past president. 
All are volunteers.

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