Monday, October 8, 2018

March2Success: FREE College Test Prep + More

Source: National PTA One Voice Blog

High school students have a lot on their plates these days. Having to re-take an SAT or ACT test due to a low score shouldn’t be one of them. March2Success, a free online, interactive program created to enhance ACT, SAT and standardized test performance can help better prepare your students for important exams. From high school science, math and verbal skills to college readiness and planning tips, this online resource has the tools and information students need to succeed in the classroom and beyond.
The U.S. Army-sponsored March2Success program features curriculum designed by Peterson’s and the College Options Foundation. It offers a full prep course for the ACT and SAT to complement ACT and SAT full-length practice tests and provides cutting-edge assessment capabilities and education content in an easy-to-use, self-paced format that is available 24/7. In addition to practice tests, March2Success offers a variety of study materials such as flashcards, lessons and interactive video games to make the program user friendly for many learning styles.
For students interested in a career in healthcare, March2Success recently added full-length practice tests for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) and several nursing tests, making March2Success an even more valuable resource for students.
Also new this year, March2Success now offers health and wellness resources to improve the health and fitness of students and their families. The Army’s Performance Triad focuses on creating and sustaining healthy behaviors of sleep, activity and nutrition; because peak mental performance, just like optimal physical performance, is important to the U.S. Army and our nation.
Parents and teachers can use March2Success to monitor students’ progress toward their goals, view frequency of site use, and have the option to manage their students as individuals or groups. Teachers can conveniently group students by the classes they teach, grade levels or student needs.
The U.S. Army is fully committed to strengthening the education resources for our Nation’s youth and this program is the first step.  Using March2Success requires no obligation to the U.S. Army. To start using March2Success, visit or watch this video to learn more.

Jose A. “Tony” Castillo is Education Chief for U. S. Army Recruiting Command.  In his role he oversees several outreach initiatives and promotes Army education resources designed to help young people explore various career paths and succeed in their post-secondary future – as professionals and as citizens.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ohio PTA Voice October 2018 HWS / Teen Driver Safety

How We Can Make Ohio’s Roads Safer For Everyone

Teens can get their license after 6 months of having a temporary permit- so they haven’t gained experience driving in all four of Ohio seasons with an adult to help keep them safe.
New teen drivers ages 16- 17 are 3X as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash. Motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teenagers in the US
Inexperience is the #1 cause of teen driver crashes.
75% of nighttime teen crashes in Ohio happen before midnight.
                     THINK IT DOESN’T AFFECT YOU??
The number of people injured or killed in teen driver crashes jumped 15% in two years in Ohio
On average, 23 people are injured or killed every day in teen crashes
About 2/3 of those are people other than the teen driver.
Ohio House Bill 293 is a proposal to modernize the state’s young driver licensing system with just two simple steps:
Changing the learners’ permit time period to 12 months instead of six. Parents in states that already have a 12 month permit are extremely supportive.
Beginning nighttime driving protections at 10pm rather than midnight.
With exceptions for school, religious events and employment.
House Bill 293 would give teens the experience they need to be safe drivers. Contact your local Ohio Representative and Senator and tell them you support a stronger Graduated Driving Licensing system and you support this bill. Go to:
Both Ohio PTA and National PTA have resolutions that support stronger GDL laws.
Source: GDL Coalition Teen Driving

Barb Varley, Ohio PTA Director of Health, Welfare and Safety

Ohio PTA Voice October 2018 Communications

Communications Corner
Venezuela Robinson, Director of Communications

Communicating Clearly: Creating and Developing an Effective Membership Campaign Through December

Is your website, newsletters, Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. coordinated with your membership committee (team)? Does your theme or membership campaign communication incorporate the upcoming holidays and other special calendar days? Have you geared up to achieve the new Ohio PTA monthly membership incentive unit awards?
Continue to look for membership tip teasers on Ohio PTA’s social media venues weekly.
Join the Ohio PTA H.U.B.

This closed group is accessible for PTA members in Ohio to share programs, ideas, and ask questions of  fellow Ohioan PTA members. We currently have over 400 members in this group! The Ohio PTA Help, Understanding, Best Practices (H.U.B) group can be accessed via the Ohio PTA FB page under the group link. Current Ohio PTA H.U.B. members are encouraged to invite their fellow PTA members to join. Group administrators will approve members (based on the response to three (3) questions and/or through invites of existing H.U.B. members) to maintain the integrity of this closed group.

Stay in touch with Ohio PTA through our many communication options.

Membership Messaging Matters!

Ohio PTA Voice October 2018 D&I / LGBTQ Month

October is LGBTQ Month!
Share this infographic from National PTA this month!

Here are some facts to learn and share to help you create a more diverse and inclusive PTA that help LGBTQ youth potential a reality and support youth and families.

The first LGBTQ PTA was formed in 2017 in Long Island, New York. The Long Island Gay PTA supports LGBTQ familes and youth and helps all families and PTAs to do the same.

40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ but make up less than 7% of the total youth population! (source

The CDC/s 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Study* found the following statistics for LGBTQ students:

10% did not attend school because they did not feel safe going to or being at school
63% felt sad or hopeless
47.7% seriously considered suicide
28% attempted suicide

How can you and your PTA help LGBTQ youth in your community?

1.Share resources with students, teachers, and families.
            PFLAG  (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
            The Trevor Project (
A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.
            GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network)
            It Gets Better (empowers and connects LGBTQ youth)

2.Create a safe space for students at your PTA events.  (GLSEN Safe Space Kit)

3.Help students create ally groups because schools with ally groups make all students feel welcome.

4. Be inclusive in your language - LGBT+ includes all sexual and gender minorities and ask what pronouns you should use.  It’s courteous not offending.

5. Build strong connections and open communication with students.  They may not be receiving support at home or school.

Nicole Lesnick, Ohio PTA Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Ohio PTA Voice October 2018 FSP / Transformative Family Engagement

Parents know that they play an important role in their child’s success. But traditional family engagement practices don’t always meet the needs of each and every family, nor treat them as equal partners in ensuring their child’s success. What is the solution?  Transformative Family Engagement.

Transformative family engagement is a shared effort of families, schools and community leaders to advance programs, practices and policies that empower every parent to make their child’s potential a reality. Family engagement should transform the lives of every child in America. That’s why we are investing in our mission with the Center for Family Engagement. Through a focus on grassroots leadership development, the Center for Family Engagement aims to embed transformative family engagement practices, programs and policies across the educational system so that every parent is treated as a valuable partner in their child’s education.

What makes transformative family engagement so innovative? It is the emphasis on reaching all families and empowering them to positively impact their child’s success as a student and in life. It reaches every family and gives them the tools to change the trajectory of their child’s future. It is the belief that family engagement is a true partnership where both families and schools learn from each other and develop family engagement programs together.

National PTA selected Ohio PTA to be one of the five states to receive a grant through the State PTA Family Engagement Innovative Challenge. We plan to identify innovative family engagement practices throughout our state and develop these best practices into a statewide effort to impact all children and families in Ohio. Learn more about transformative family engagement at and on the Ohio PTA Membership blog.

We need you!! Ohio PTA is looking for outstanding ideas of what you are doing in your own units that are transformative examples of family engagement that promote family involvement in student success in your schools. Apply for the Ohio PTA Family Engagement Grant and be part of building a brighter future for all Ohio children!

Source: National PTA

Gerri Beres, Ohio PTA Director of Family School Partnerships