Thursday, May 18, 2017

Funding INFOhio!

Calls to the Senate are critical to sustaining the funding for INFOhio in the budget.
It is imperative that every State Senator receives many calls, weekly, to maintain the restoration of INFOhio’s $1.1 million funds for digital resources for Ohio schools that is in H.B. 49.
The Senate will have to cut millions from the budget to make it balance. Some reports say they will have to cut up to $800,000,000. Your calls are needed to keep the INFOhio funding in the budget.
  1. Call your own State Senator! Calls are more effective than emails. Please call. To find your legislator click here. Please call members of the Ohio Senate leadership too.
  2. Encourage teachers, parents, administrators and students to take action IMMEDIATELY and call their State Senator.
When you call, leave a message that includes a story about how you use INFOhio digital content with students and please include the following information:
  • In the proposed biennium budget (FY18-19), the $1.1 million funding INFOhio lost two years ago has been restored on line #130411 in H.B. 49. Please sustain this funding.
  • With this funding, INFOhio will provide BookFlix, Storia, World Book, Science Online, Ancestry Library Edition, and the EBSCO databases. These are key tools that positively impact the third-grade reading guarantee, new state standards, and college and career readiness.
  • If schools purchase this digital content on their own, the cost will be $51.8 million. The cost to my district would be $____. As opposed to getting the resources from INFOhio for $0.00. (You will find the cost to your district in the Resource Cost Calculator.)
For additional information regarding how you can help restore INFOhio’s funding, consult the INFOhio Advocacy page. You will find a Resource Cost Calculator that will help you determine how the cut in digital content could financially impact your district. You will also find a way to search for your own legislator.
Thank you all so much for organizing calls to your legislators and making calls yourself. Grassroots efforts do work!

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