Friday, February 10, 2017

National PTA Bylaws / Amendments


A Message from the National PTA Bylaws and Policy Committee
PTA delegates adopted revised bylaws for National PTA at the 2016 Convention & Expo. This revision updated National PTA's governing document to better serve the association.
This summer, the National PTA Bylaws and Policy Committee will propose several amendments to the bylaws at the 2017 National PTA Convention & Expo, which include:
  • The addition of a new Article IX: Executive Committee;
  • Provisions for a vacancy in one or more of the officer positions;
  • Inclusion of the Elections Committee as a Standing Committee of the National PTA;
  • Amendments to Article X: National Constituent Association Advisory Council (NCAAC)
    • Section 2. Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary with defined duties and
    • Section 4. Meetings with a process for scheduling regular and additional meetings;
  • The addition of a new Article IV: Constituent Associations, Section 7. Dissolution
  • Provisions for anyone wishing to support the National PTA mission, purposes and principals with a mechanism to do so as a supporting member
For those wishing to learn more about the proposed amendments to the National PTA Bylaws, the National PTA Bylaws and Policy Committee will host a webinar Thursday, Feb. 23 at 8 p.m. EST. The Committee will review each amendment and its rationale for those attending the webinar.

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