Thursday, July 28, 2016

Join us and be #PTAProud

You've probably seen the advertisements on Facebook and TV for the new 
Bad Moms comedy that references PTA. Released today, it tells the story of 
an over-worked and over-committed mom who teams up with other stressed-out moms 
to free themselves from the everyday challenge of balancing kids, home and their careers.
We are proud in what we do and show great pride for it—from the the creation of 
kindergarten classes, child labor laws to protect children, healthy school lunch programs 
and juvenile justice reform.
Let's shine a light on the parents in your community who are making a difference 
in the children's lives through their involvement in PTA. Throughout the next 
couple of weeks, join the conversation and let us know why you got involved in PTA 
and why you are proud to be a part of the association using the 
hashtag #PTAProud on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.
Here's how you can show your #PTAProud:

Change your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with this graphic.

Download this sign and write why you are #PTAProud. Take a picture with the sign and share it online using the hashtag.

Share your story with us and tell us why you're #PTAProud through thisform.
Special thanks to California State PTA for inspiration for this campaign!

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