Saturday, July 8, 2017

Latest info on Ohio's ESSA plan

Latest info on Ohio's ESSA plan. 

The Ohio Department of Education will be submitting its ESSA state plan by September 18 to the U.S. Department of Education (ED).  Before Ohio submits its plan, we encourage you to take two actions to help ensure parent voices are heard on your state’s new education plan:

  1. Send a letter to your Governor and state education chief or superintendent urging them to include a description of how different stakeholders have been meaningfully engaged in the development of the new state education plan.  National PTA has put together this stakeholder toolkit (attached and on, which contains template letters, sample graphics and messaging you can use and share with your membership.  As you may recall, ED no longer requires states to include a description of their stakeholder consultation in the development of their new ESSA plan. 

  1. Share this webinar throughout your social media networks and other PTA channels, if your comment period is still open so that parents and families can comment on the new education plan in your state. Here is some social media for your to promote the webinar as well –

Friday, July 7, 2017

Join PTA in our commitment to #StopCuts To Classrooms

Did you know that Federal funding for public education programs has remained at 2% of the federal budget for decades, despite the increase in public school enrollment and the rising cost of educational resources and services?

This disparity between funding levels and actual costs means that the federal government has essentially enacted cuts to classrooms. National PTA is running a nationwide campaign—from July 7 to September 29—to raise public awareness that current levels of federal education funding are an inadequate investment in our children.

We need YOU to help to make this initiative a success—Every state PTA, local unit, and PTA member is critical to stopping cuts to classrooms! 

Here's how to participate in the STOP Cuts to Classrooms campaign:
  • Sign the petition to #STOPCutsToClassrooms to make your voice heard and receive regular updates on the campaign.
  • Visit National PTA's #STOPCutsToClassrooms webpage to learn more about federal funding for public education and view the campaign toolkit for more info.


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July 6, 2017
6keysdoc.JPGIs Your State Engaging Families in ESSA?
Parents and their children are the consumers of our nation's public education system, and parents have always been essential partners in education. However, they haven’t always been included at the decision-making table. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) provides a unique opportunity for parents and families to give their input and to hold states and districts accountable for their children's educational experience.
In this new resource, National PTA has identified six critical ways states, school districts and schools should be engaging parents and families as part of ESSA, and all new education initiatives. Use the rubric on the back to evaluate how your state, school district and school are doing!
National PTA Endorses 5 Bills in Congress Aimed at Helping Students and Schools
CapitolBuilding(1).jpgLast month, National PTA endorsed five pieces of legislation intended to improve the education experience of students in the United States. The bills range from improving the infrastructure of school buildings, kitchens and busses to providing necessary funding to serve students with disabilities. Click on the links below to see the text of each bill.
Check the National PTA Key Legislation webpage for updates on the bills and National PTA’s Legislative Checklist and PTA Advocacy Changes Lives for more information on National PTA’s advocacy efforts.
PTA Delegates Pass, Update Resolutions at Annual Convention
2017ConventionLogo.pngAt Win with PTA ... the 2017 National PTA Convention & Expo, PTA members adopted one resolution and one amendment to an existing resolution. The adopted resolution is about Healthy Sleep for Adolescents. This resolution urges PTA members to educate the community about the positive impact that sufficient, quality sleep has for teens’ health, safety and academic success, and to urge policymakers to develop solutions and policies to encourage quality sleep for teens.
PTA members also amended the Sale, Resale and Destruction of Firearms resolution to include a provision about the importance of having research on the causes and effects of gun violence.
The National PTA board of directors also passed a Rights and Services for Undocumented Children position statement stating all students, regardless of immigration status, have a right to quality, free public education, students' immigration status must be kept private and that schools should be “sensitive locations” where immigration authorities cannot enforce laws.
Tools and Resources
WebinarIcon.jpgWatch These Recorded Advocacy Webinars
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

The 2017 Back-to-School Kit has launched!

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Your 2017-2018 Back-to-School Kit is Here!
The 2017-2018 Back-to-School Kit is up and ready! As a hardworking volunteer for your PTA, we know this year's kit will help make your upcoming school year a complete success.
To register, visit
THREE things you should know about the 2017-2018 Back-to-School Kit:
  1. PTA-Recruitment-Mockup.jpgWe completely revamped the PTA Leaders (formerly PTA President), Finance and Membership sections to make them even more user-friendly than before.
  2. When you register for this year's kit, you'll get a Recruitment Tool and a poster-sized Calendar of PTA events. We will mail them at the end of July.
  3. The website is mobile-friendly so you can use it on your smartphone, tablet or laptop from anywhere you have an internet connection.
If you have any questions, feel free to email