Friday, March 24, 2017

IMPORTANT Convention Information

Ohio Partnership PTA Bylaws (Amendments)

Amendment #1 – Article V – Membership and Dues, section 4, strike “The News” and insert “The Voice” to read: “Additional membership options include annual dues of $15.00 which include a year subscription to the Ohio PTA The Voice”

Rationale: To reflect the current title of the Ohio PTA newsletter

Amendment #2 – Insert in entirety Article XIV – Electronic Technology/Procedure Integrity to read as follows:

Section 1. The Ohio Partnership PTA may place policy procedures, such as the Ohio PTA Bylaws, Ohio Partnership PTA bylaws and standing rules on password protected areas of the Ohio Partnership PTA website.

Section 2. The Ohio Partnership PTA will make every effort to ensure the website information is free from outside tampering so as to protect the integrity of the information and will alert users when breaches of security are identified.

Section 3. Use of the National PTA and Ohio PTA trade name and seal on a website is prohibited without written permission from the Ohio PTA.

Section 4. The Ohio Partnership PTA will make every effort to ensure web pages are accurate but assume no liability for errors or omissions.

Rationale: To align with Ohio PTA Bylaws standards
Note: The above-proposed changes are on the home page of the website

Proposed Ohio PTA Board of Directors 2017-2019 Slate 

President-Elect Ana ChapmanD 12 
VP Leadership Jackie Arendt D 12 
VP Field Service Lisa Weaver D 13 
Secretary/Treasurer Cindy Schanz D 13 

Director of Advocacy Debbie Tidwell D 11 
Director of Bylaws Linda Read D 13 
Director of Communications Venezuela Robinson D 11 
Director of Diversity & Inclusion Nicole Lesnick D 12 
Director of Education Katie Holcomb D 10 
Director of Events Maria Lang D 12 
Director of Family-School Partnership  
Director of Health, Welfare, & Safety 
Director of Membership Angela Revay D 12 

District 3 Lois Monroe 
District 6 Rebecka Adams 
District 7 Dana Paul 
District 10 
District 11 Carol Beasley 
District 12 Lisa Catalano 
District 13 Rebecca Gawsyszawski 
District 18 Shannon Webber


Nominations can be made from the floor at the Ohio PTA Convention. 
A copy of the qualifications of any nominee from the floor must be presented to the president, secretary, and nominating chair thirty (30) days prior to the convention.
Each of the nominees for that office shall have three minutes to address the delegates.
Nominees may furnish sufficient copies of their qualifications, not to exceed one sheet of 8 1/2’ x 11” paper printed on both sides, with no PTA letterhead, for distribution to the convention delegates. Distribution will be at the conclusion of General Meeting I.
No additional campaign materials will be permitted. 
BOGO deadline for convention is April 1st

Come Home to your Ohio PTA Homecoming Convention!   
111th Ohio PTA Convention 
April 28-30, 2017