Saturday, December 10, 2016

Political Process and PTA

Trump Begins the Presidential Transition Process

President-Elect Trump has begun the presidential transition process ahead of his Jan. 20, 2017 inauguration by nominating individuals for leadership and cabinet positions. Notably for PTA advocates, the President-Elect has nominated Betsy DeVos, former chair of the American Federation of Children, to lead the Department of Education. DeVos must go through a confirmation process in U.S. Senate before officially becoming the next Secretary of Education.
DeVos is known for her work to increase access to charter schools and school choice options in Michigan and across the country. National PTA supports high-quality public education for all students and has a long-standing position against diverting public funds for private school voucher programs. For over a century, PTA members have worked with all members of Congress and every administration to implement our public policy priorities and invest in our nation's children. Our association is committed to continuing this tradition to make sure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Webinar: How Elections Shift Power in Congress—Identifying and Building New Relations in a New Congress
What does this new Congress mean for you as an advocate? Join National PTA and the Congressional Management Foundation on Dec. 12 at 8 p.m. EST for this exclusive webinar for PTA members on how to identify and build relationships with new members of Congress. Presented by President and CEO of the Congressional Management Foundation Brad Fitch, advocates will learn:
  • How to build relationships with new Members of Congress
  • The value of identifying key committee chairs (and why some are more important than others)
  • And CMF research on best practices for building relationships with new lawmakers back home.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Ed. News - Dec. 8, 2016

Ed. News - Dec. 8, 2016

State Board of Education to Meet December 12-13 | Ohio Department of Education

State Board of Education to Meet December 12-13 | Ohio Department of Education

What is Your PTA Story?

Storytelling 101
When: Thursday, Dec. 15
Time: 1 p.m. EST

shutterstock_509386438.jpgEveryone loves a good story. The stories we tell provide inspiration, build relationships and create a sense of community. Every PTA member has a story about what brought them into the PTA family—or they have a story about how their PTA solved a problem, helped a family or improved children's education in their community. 

We want to help you figure out how to tell your story and show you how sharing your story will help drive our mission to make every child's potential a reality by engaging families and communities to support all children's success. 

Join us for Storytelling 101—a webinar that will help you find your voice and share your story. In this first of a three-part webinar series on storytelling, we will discuss: 
  • Why You Should Tell Your Story 
  • The Foundations of an Impactful Story 
  • How You Can Use Your Story 
Featured Speakers: 
  • Anna King, National PTA Board of Directors Member 
  • Dianna MacDonald, California State PTA President-Elect

Do You Know of a Great PTA Advocate?

Source: National PTA One Voice Blog
As we approach National PTA’s 120 year anniversary, it is important to stop and celebrate some of our members’ accomplishments. PTA has been a leader in working to improve the lives of all children—advocating for everything from hot school lunches to universal kindergarten.

As the Vice President of Advocacy for National PTA, I have the pleasure of traveling across the country and hearing from PTA members about their advocacy efforts, challenges and successes. At National PTA’s 2017 Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, we want to honor the incredible accomplishments of PTAs and their members.

The Dec.18 deadline is fast approaching for nominations for the 2017 Advocacy Awards, so if you know of an outstanding youth or individual PTA advocate, or know of a local unit or state level PTA that has done great advocacy work, nominate them to receive an award for their efforts from National PTA.
As in previous years, advocates may also nominate themselves in the youth and individual categories. Local and state category-winning PTAs will receive a monetary award. Nominations must be for efforts made in the last year.

The 2016 advocacy award winners were some of the most impressive advocates I’ve seen in my years as a PTA member. Massachusetts PTA, the state PTA winner, advocated on behalf of LGBTQ youth. Their efforts led to the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education unanimously passing a measure to update the school system’s policies related to LGBTQ youth, which hadn’t been updated since 1992.

The local PTA award winner, Rochester Community PTA Council, worked to educate all PTA members and families communitywide on the specifics of a $185 million bond issue to make much-needed renovations and upgrades to school facilities, technology and infrastructure. The improvements would ensure students in Rochester are provided a high-quality education and have a safe environment in which to thrive and learn. With the efforts and contributions of Rochester Community PTA Council, the bond issue passed with 73% support.

The individual award winners were equally impressive. The Youth Advocate of the Year, Brian Rodriguez, worked to promote civic engagement and increase community involvement among youth of all ages in the Miami area. Joy Grayson, the 2016 Shirley Igo Advocate of the Year, led South Carolina PTA to adopt an annual legislative platform; organized and moderated an annual state legislative conference; and revamped the state membership unit to become a state advocacy unit, which engaged community members in PTA who had no affiliation with a local unit.

These two individual advocates and two state PTAs are just some of many examples of the incredible work that PTA members and PTAs are doing across the country.

That’s why we’re excited to hear about other standout PTA advocates and celebrate their efforts to improve the lives of all children with a 2017 Advocacy Award. For more info on how to nominate a person, PTA or yourself, visit or contact Lindsay Kubatzky. Deadline for submission is Dec. 18!

Shannon Sevier is the vice president of advocacy for National PTA.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

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