Friday, January 15, 2016

Angela's Advice...Members are a Gift!

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  •  Are you recognizing your members as more than just a number toward your yearly membership goal?  Try to send out your Thank You letter with each membership card as well as a list of all your meeting dates for the year.
  •  Have a “New Member Social” so that people can get acquainted and become familiar with what your unit does for your children/students.
  •  Recognize your members and take the time to thank them for supporting your organization in your Newsletter.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Angela's Advice...Male Members

Male Involvement

Many great resources found on the National PTA website underPrograms:
  • ·         PTA MORE (Men Organized to Raise Engagement), is a coalition of organizations that serves as a conduit for greater father and male involvement.
  • ·         10 Ways to Get Men More Involved in PTAs
  • ·         ABCs of Male Involvement by Deborah Walsh and Marilyn Ferdinand
  • ·         NEW Male Engagement Tool Kit available as well!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Membership Objections!

Most objections to joining PTA fall into the areas of time, impact and perceived value.


When parents say they do not have time to join PTA, what they are probably saying is that they do not want to volunteer dozens of hours each week. Explain that PTA appreciates everyone’s membership, whether or not the member volunteers, because each member increases PTA’s ability to advocate for children.


Parents want to know if their membership in PTA is going to have a positive impact, if it will benefit their children. You can tell them, “Yes!” Decades of research show when parents are involved, students perform better in school. They receive higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance and lower rates of suspension, are more likely to graduate high school, and are more likely to pursue post-secondary education. Children of involved parents also exhibit increased motivation, better self-esteem, less drug and alcohol use, and fewer instances of violent behavior. Those great benefits come from parent engagement, a major focus of PTA
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Membership = Automatic Advocacy