Friday, January 8, 2016

Angela's Advice...Marketing 101

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National PTA eLearning
Learn About Newsletters

Keep selling your added benefits such as weekly updates, newsletters, e-learning courses for parents from National PTA, access to Ohio PTA resources, training by state level board members, etc. Know your value as an organization and research what your members need so you can offer those programs or that information.

What are your ideas on the topic?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Membership Trifecta!

Ohio PTA is the oldest child advocacy association in this state. Join us and become a relevant resource for all children, communities, and families.

National PTA is a membership association. People join to support the work you do locally and the work PTAs do collectively to help children, families and schools. We rely on millions of members to contribute their time and skills to schools and communities around the country and overseas. 

The number one reason to join PTA is to benefit your child. Single parents may seek a support network, working parents may want a source of information or a voice, non-English-speaking individuals may look for opportunities to share their culture, and business owners may look for a way to improve their public image. While subscribing to the mission of PTA, members may join to fulfill personal needs. Since PTAs are for everyone, a local unit should support the needs of a wide variety of members—from future parents to senior citizens. When units do this, they provide value to the community and become a relevant group for community members to join. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Disney World Anyone? SmartTalk for Parents and Kids!

Your kid is awesome. Smartphones are awesome. But awkward conversations about online safety and privacy? Not so awesome. Until now. The Smart Talk gets parents and kids together to have a clear conversation about all the devices you use and how to be responsible. You could WIN a Grand Prize Trip for 4 to Disney World! 
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PTA Members Encourage Reading

PTA members encourage reading with child anytime and anywhere!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Get Connected

What is PTA? Why join PTA? The number one reason to join the Parent Teacher Association is to benefit your child. In doing so, you also help your school. But there are many more PTA advantages:
  • Get Connected. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school.
  • Discover Great Resources. The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as students.
  • Tap into a Network. PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences.
  • Watch Yourself Grow. By volunteering with your PTA, you put your skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause—your child and all children in the community.
  • Speak Up. PTA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at your child’s school.